Electricity Safety for Kids


It is better to be safe than sorry – the phrase may come across as a cliché, but there is no denying its pertinence. Though you cannot remove all the things that pose a safety hazard, you can certainly keep a more careful watch on them. It helps to be prepared for such emergencies when your personal safety and that of your loved ones – especially kids – is at stake.

Tips for Ensuring Electricity Safety for Kids

Kids are especially vulnerable and therefore always at a greater risk of sustaining an injury. Supervision is certainly the best way to ensure proper safety for them. It is necessary to exercise additional caution when it comes to ensuring their safety against sharp objects, furniture edges, chemicals and of course electricity.

The electrical safety at home is of utmost importance compared to other threats because in the case of electricity, the reaction time is very short in case of an unfortunate event. Due to the same reason, it is better to be prepared with all possible precautions to avert an accident.

Here are a few tips for electricity safety for kids:

  1. When you have kids at home, it is necessary that you take extra care to ensure that you do not plug a bunch of stuff into one power outlet or even when you are using an extension cord. This may disrupt the entire electrical system of your home and may even pose the danger of a fire.
  2. Toddlers and kids do have the habit of putting their fingers into open sockets. Thus it is necessary that you cover unused electrical sockets with safety caps. This will also help you to save energy by putting an end to cold drafts. If caps can be easily removed, try closing all unused sockets with transparent cellophane (Sellotape) that toddlers won’t easily notice or remove.
  3. Consider installing approved electicity cut-off units or fuse cutouts at your home that protect your family from power leakage situations and short circuits. Needless to say, you need to periodically test these units for their proper functioning.
  4. Do not pull an electrical cord from the wall. It can not only damage the appliance but also the outlet or the plug.
  5. You need to ensure that all electric cords are in their rightful place and arranged in a neat and tidy manner. Not only do these pose safety issues for your kids, but chances are that your pets might start chewing them. Kids may stumble over these cords and fall down on the floor.
  6. Avoid buying those toys and gadgets, for kids, that run on home power connections. Even when your high school child is doing a power experiment, it is better that you watch him or her do so during the first few times.
  7. You need to ensure that there is no water or spillage near electrical stuff. In most cases, accidents occur as a result of carelessness. Be careful about not leaving any electrical appliances or cords near sinks or bathtubs.
  8. Do not allow kids to fly balloons or kites near power lines. Electricity can travel through strings that often get tangled up in the power lines.
  9. Make kids realize the importance of danger signs and ask them to avoid restricted areas, such as the ones with warnings or caution about high voltage.
  10. Last but not the least, accompany your kids and be with them as much as you can, especially if you have a toddler or infant at home.

Following the above tips you can ensure complete electricity safety for kids thereby avoiding untoward incidents.

You may also check out the sites of Electrical Safety Foundation International and US Consumer Product Safety Commission checklists.

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