Furniture Rearranging Tips


It’s the change, freshness and new environments that make our lives so exciting. Just like we get bored with the same type of food when consumed on a daily basis, we can get easily bored with the configuration of our rooms as well – especially with the furniture arrangements.

With a little bit of imagination, you can make your home fresh looking. And now to help you with that, there is even furniture rearranging online tools and software these days.

Rearranging furniture

How to arrange furniture is a question of individual taste. However, when you go about rearranging the following are the steps to be followed:

  1. Get a few ideas from similar looking houses or apartments. You can get a lot of furniture rearranging tips by browsing pictures on home design websites. You can also hunt for ideas using Google Images
  2. Once you have some ideas, you can render them on a piece of paper using a lead pencil (so that you can erase and redo). You just need to draw boxes, if possible to the scale, so that you don’t run out of space when you actually assemble the furniture according to the plan
  3. Furniture rearranging online: Instead of drawing on the paper, you may use online software tools like Arrange-a-Room or Room Layout Tool. When you use online tools, make sure that you have made provisions for the doors and focal points of the room (e.g. a theme wall or a fire place) so that they aren’t obstructed by your design but highlighted
  4. Once you have more or less finalized a plan, it is time to execute your floor and layout plan. To start with, move your smaller furniture to other adjacent rooms or towards unused spaces. Move your bigger furniture such as couches, big tables or bar units first and use them as anchors so that your smaller furniture forms satellites around them
  5. If you aren’t convinced about your plan, try re-arranging with minimal units moved. Ideally, finalize a plan before moving the bigger items so that you safe the effort
  6. Based on the size of your room, don’t be alarmed to see a lot of empty space after rearranging. After all, proper furniture rearranging saves you space while improving the utility and usability of your room

You can experiment with your furniture placements every three or four months thereby making your living and bedrooms bloom with fresh energy.

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