How to Clean a Leather Couch?


Leather furniture are expensive and hence need to be cleaned and polished regularly especially if you have children and pets at home. However, you may be scared to experiment with those cleaning agents out of the worry of potentially damaging your leather pieces.

In fact, cleaning leather sofa or couch is very easy and here is how you go about cleaning your leather furniture.

How to Clean Leather Furniture?

  1. Using your vacuum cleaner with soft brush attachment, vacuum clean the furniture thoroughly with special focus on those folds, corners and gaps between the cushions or logical partitions. DO NOT set the vacuum cleaner to its most powerful suction setting because this can deform the leather
  2. Mix a few drops of shower shampoo in half a gallon of water, dip a fresh soft rug, wring it and test it on a small unnoticeable part of the furniture (e.g. the backside). After it dries up, make sure that the shampoo doesn’t leave any mark on the leather
  3. Dip the rug in the soapy water, wring it thoroughly and wipe the whole furniture one section at a time. Keep dipping and wringing the rug after each section is wiped
  4. Repeat the above process with a fresh bucket of water but without soap or shampoo so that any remaining shampoo tinge is wiped off
  5. Using another fresh dry soft rug, wipe of any remaining water on the leather surface in circular motion so that the leather retains its shine and glow
  6. Fluff up the seating and slanting areas using your hand and you are ready to enjoy your favorite place in your room!

Additional Leather Cleaning tips

If you would like to use leather cleaner products available in the stores, make sure that it is suitable for the leather type of your furniture. If you are in doubt, consult the manufacturer of your furniture.

Never add too much of shampoo into the water.

Wring the cloth well so that the water wouldn’t seep through into the stitches and folds.

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