What is my Body Type? Female Body Types Explained


What is my body type‘ is not exactly a question that most women ask themselves. But knowing own body type and shape is extremely important for women as this will help in deciding how to dress for your body type. The following are the major categorization of women body types.

What is My Body Type?

Body types or body shapes are mainly determined by the bust, waist and hips measures plus the shape and bread of one’s shoulder.

Straight or Rectangular body shape

Majority of the women fall into the straight or rectangle body type (first one in the picture). In this case, the hips and bust sizes are almost the same while the waist size, while defined, is not significantly less than either of these sizes.

Hour glass body type

This is the model type of body shape and probably the most feminine and blessed one! The bust and hips size in this case is roughly one and half times of the waist size. Perfect curves! (Second one in the picture – also known as sand-glass body shape)

Pear body shape

For a woman, the pear body type (also known as triangle body type) would mean that her hips size is more than the bust size. There’s probably a well defined waist but because of the larger hips, the waist line slopes out to the hips.

Inverted triangle body shape

This is more of a mannish shape. In this case, the bust size is much more than the hips size. Waistline in this case is not well defined and hips are noticeably narrow.

Other body types

While the four types mentioned above are the typical body shapes, there are the following four variations of the above mentioned body types.

  • Spoon body type: This shape is sometimes called the ‘figure 8′ and is somewhat in between the hour glass and pear shapes. In this case, the hips are larger than the bust but there’s still a decent shape with defined waist. Upper thighs and tummy are usually on the bulkier side in this case
  • Top hour-glass body shape: This is a slight variation of the hourglass body shape whereby the bust is larger than the hips (while still having a very good shape)
  • Oval body shape: The waistline is larger than both the hips and bust in this case. The breast may be right sized in this case, though kind of offset by the middle bulge and usually the hips are narrow compared to the bust.
  • Diamond body shape: In this body shape, the waistline is larger than the hips and bust though the shoulders are narrow (compared to the hips). The breast size may be small in this case

You may quickly calculate your body type using this body shape calculator

Now, how to dress for your body type the question that follows ‘what is my body type‘ and we will be back with those tips soon.

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