5 Side Businesses You Can Start Today


No matter who you are, it helps to have more money. Whether you want to save for education, family, or fun, a side business can help you get there. You might think it’s hard to start one from scratch. Luckily, with the right advice, you can get yours up and running in no time. Here are 5 side businesses you can start today to achieve that Steph Curry net worth!


People are willing to pay a pretty penny in order to learn something they are interested in. They could be studying for school, work, or simply pleasure. Take a creative look at your skills. It is likely that you have more to offer as a tutor than you think. For instance, if you studied music when you were younger, perhaps you can tutor basic levels. Maybe you have a hobby of reading. There might be people who need help with English reading to improve their grades or ability to get a job. The sky is the limit, and you have something you can teach, even if you don’t think so at first.

House Sitting

People go out of town for a number of reasons. They might have a vacation coming up, or they are visiting someone. Either way, their house is going to be vacant for days or weeks at a time. Most people are not comfortable with that idea. Thieves could take advantage of an empty house. That is one of the reasons people are willing to hire someone to house sit for them. The great thing about house sitting is that you get free room and board and don’t have to do much work. You just need to be reliable and trustworthy and you could open up a side business doing it.

Dog Walking

People who have dogs love them just like they are part of the family. And that means they want them to be healthy and get exercise whenever possible. So, they are paying people a lot of money to simply walk their dogs for them when they can’t do it themselves. If you are a dog lover, this is something to look into. You get to get fresh air, exercise, and quality time with dogs. On top of all that, you get paid for it. It could be a dream scenario if you consider yourself up for the challenge.


If you have a knack for the written word, then there are plenty of opportunities open to you. People all over the world need writers. Even if they can write themselves, they often don’t have the time. In addition, you don’t need a physical retail store to write for income.


Every person has some special knowledge or skill. This can be used to launch a side business. All you need to do is freshen up on your core skills and go into business as a consultant. Help people in their projects by using your specific knowledge. You are able to set your own hours, your rates, and even when and how you work. This is great for someone who wants to add more to their professional income.

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