Little Changes That Have Made Life Much Easier


It is hard to believe that if you go back a hundred years, automobiles were just making their presence felt across the world even if all they could do was basically go down the road. If you go back 40 years, boxy, slow computers with little memory were emerging and taking up half the desk they were on since they were still rather large in size. In the last couple of decades, there have been many small inventions here and there that have made life so much easier. Listed below are a few things that have simplified the way that we all live.


Trying to navigate nowadays without using some form of GPS is just about unthinkable. Whether it is Google Maps or something else, most of us use it at least a few times a week. This is so much easier than having to use a roadmap or call up a friend to get the right directions. GPS has made it so even the directionally challenged can travel wherever they would like. You no longer have to stress out when leaving the house and trying to find that new restaurant everyone is raving about. Just put it in your GPS.

Music Apps

Remember the days when you would sit and listen to the radio for an hour or two just waiting for your new favourite song to play? If you were really good, you would even have a cassette tape ready to record the song as it played on the radio. Oh, how times have changed! If you want to hear a song now, even without paying for it, you can find it within 20 seconds. It might be YouTube or some other site or app, but you can hunt it down and have it playing on your phone or other device instantly.

Unbreakable Eyeglasses

If you have worn eyeglasses for some time, then you realize that about once every two to three years that you will have to replace them. It isn’t because your prescription has changed dramatically, it is because you somehow find a way to break them. Now is the time to discover the technology EasyTwist of TurboFlex. You won’t be able to snap the frame of your glasses even if you try. This type of technology will save you a couple of hundred dollars every few years. Where was this when you were a kid and breaking them on average every five months?

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